About the LEX Initiative

The Learning Exchange:  Institute for Excellence in Learning and Teaching  (LEX), is a joint venture between three Catholic schools:  Padua College Kedron, Iona College Lindum, and St Laurence’s College South Brisbane.  

This unique and innovative partnership aims to build on the excellence in practice in each of the schools, and share resources and expertise through highly effective professional learning communities.

To meet the goals of today's learners and prepare them for the opportunities they will have as they engage as tomorrow's leaders, we are transforming how we learn and work together.

LEX allows teachers to share their talents, further develop expertise, and innovate in learning spaces that are flexible and adaptive. Through partnerships with universities and industry, the LEX Initiative will support the goal of ensuring learners have the best opportunities to achieve and prosper.



Working Together

The Learning Exchange provides partner schools with a unique opportunity to work together, focussed on building teacher capacity and underpinned by an explicit theory of action.  While each college has it's own unique charism and culture, there are a number of areas where synergies can be developed by working together on projects supporting the strategic priorities of the colleges.  As part of the initial scoping work, the LEX Steering Committee, comprised on the Deans of Learning and Teaching/Studies at each college and the Director of LEX, have identified a number of joint project opportunities for 2018-2019.  These are outlined in the Collaboration section of the website.


In addition to each of these projects, a number of joint professional learning opportunities have been identified and are published in the Events link throughout each academic year, as well as links to shared resources across the colleges.   Organisational lists have been published by each school to enable all staff members to connect with their counterparts.


A collaborative workspace is currently under development.



As part of developing the LEX community, it is important to establish and maintain appropriate protocols around professional practice, sharing of resources and privacy.    Each of the Deans/Deputy Princicals retains responsibility for these protocols at each college and will distribute information via regular updates in staff bulletins that is specific to each school.   


Project updates will be directly maintained by the project leads in conjuction with the LEX Steering Committee.


Any queries in relation to opportunities to work with colleagues in your partner schools should be in the first instance directed to your college's Dean of Learning and Teaching/Studies:


Iona College:  Mr Richard Cornish

Padua College:  Mr Jason Pacey

St Laurence's College:  Mr Peter Cook



Communication Protocols

Over 400 staff from Padua, Iona and St Laurence’s Colleges gathered at IPAC, the Performing Arts Centre at Iona College, Lindum Queensland, for the launch of The Learning Exchange: Institute for Excellence in Learning & Teaching.

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